The Importance Of A Safe To Protect Your Valuables

If you have valuable possessions in your home that can't be replaced, you should seriously consider putting them in a safe. We aren't lock, key or safe professionals, but we do know the importance of keeping irreplaceable items safe inside the home. We've done an abundance of research on the topic of keeping precious items safe and we'd like to present them to you in this blog. You'll learn how a safe can protect your mementos from thieves, fire and home disasters. We'll also address the questions you may have about safes and other products that can protect your prized possessions. We hope that this blog helps you to keep your treasures safe and sound.

4 Most Common Types Of Residential Locks


One of the best ways to keep your home safe is by having the right locks installed on your home. Having the right locks will keep intruders and unwanted guests out of your home and provide you with security that only those you want to have access to your home can get inside. When it comes to locks for your home, there are actually various types of locks you can use.

Type #1: Keyed Locks

The most basic type of lock that is used on a home is a keyed lock. With a keyed lock, you have to use a key on the exterior of the door in order to gain entrance to the home. With this type of key, you turn a lock on the interior of your home to lock and unlock the door from the inside, and on the outside, you have to use a key to gain access to your home. 

A keyed lock is great for all exterior doors. You should also have a keyed lock on the door that goes from your garage to your home if you have an attached garage.

Type #2: Deadbolts

Deadbolts are usually paired with keyed locks. Deadbolts are paired with keyed locks as a means to increase the security and safety of the lock.

There are different types of deadbolts. Deadbolts have different amounts of cylinders, starting with one cylinder and going up from there. The more cylinders the lock has, the harder it is for someone to break the lock.

Deadbolts have a thick bolt that extends a few inches into the door frame. This thick bolt makes it much harder for someone to force your door open. It is generally advisable to have a deadbolt on all of your exterior locks.

Type #3: Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are no longer just for businesses. You can add an electronic lock to just about any door that has space for it. Some electronic locks are more like simple keyed locks, and other electronic locks are attached to a deadbolt. Be sure you know what type of lock the electronic lock is designed to activate.

An electronic lock can be used on an exterior door and is a great way to go keyless. An electronic lock could also be used on an interior door where you store sensitive materials, such as guns or medication.

Type #4: Privacy Locks

A privacy lock is a very simple type of lock that is activated by pushing a button on the inside of a room in order to lock the door. To unlock the door from inside the room, you depress the button. From the outside, you have to use a special tool in a little hole on the door handle to unlock the door. Privacy locks are not designed to be open from the outside except in case of emergency.

Keep your home secure with the right locks. The right locks will help keep your home as secure as possible. Talk to your local locksmith today about upgrading the locks on your home to increase the protection of your home. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at First Quality Lock & Key.


13 March 2020