The Importance Of A Safe To Protect Your Valuables

If you have valuable possessions in your home that can't be replaced, you should seriously consider putting them in a safe. We aren't lock, key or safe professionals, but we do know the importance of keeping irreplaceable items safe inside the home. We've done an abundance of research on the topic of keeping precious items safe and we'd like to present them to you in this blog. You'll learn how a safe can protect your mementos from thieves, fire and home disasters. We'll also address the questions you may have about safes and other products that can protect your prized possessions. We hope that this blog helps you to keep your treasures safe and sound.

3 Ways Property Managers Can Keep Their Apartment Complex Secure Using A Commercial Locksmith Service


One of the roles of a property manager is to ensure the security of every tenant living in the complex. Only a tenant should own the key that allows them to access their unit. At the same time, property managers need to be able to access every unit for inspections or emergency maintenance when the tenant isn't home.

What's the best way to accomplish this? Read on to learn how to best secure your complex and how a commercial locksmith service can help you with this task.

1. Rekey Locks Immediately Whenever a Tenant Moves Out

The most important thing you can do as a property owner is to call a commercial locksmith to rekey a unit's door lock as soon as the tenant vacates it. You can ask tenants to surrender their keys when they move out, but you have no idea how many copies they might have made or where those copies are at. By rekeying a lock so that the old keys can no longer be used, you'll ensure that only the unit's new tenants have access to it.

Make sure you create a copy of the invoice after a commercial locksmith has performed this service for you. Some tenants will ask you to provide proof that you've had a unit rekeyed, and having a dated invoice gives you an easy way to provide this proof.

If your apartment complex has a shared mailbox system, you'll also need to rekey the old tenant's mailbox. Depending on where you live and how your apartment complex is set up, this service will either be performed by your local post office or by a commercial locksmith.

2. Use a Master Key for Easy Access to Units

A commercial locksmith can rekey your complex to a single master key, which is able to give you access to any unit in your apartment complex. When a tenant isn't home and there's an emergency inside the unit such as a leaking water heater, you can use the master key to easily enter and make repairs. Entering a unit using a master key is more convenient than having to carry around keys to each individual unit on a bulky keyring.

3. Install a Keypad for Shared Areas

If your apartment complex has shared areas such as a gym or laundry room, you should make sure that only tenants have access to them. The easiest way to do this is to call a commercial locksmith and have a keypad set up on the door. You can give the code to tenants of your complex so that they can enter into shared areas. If you ever notice that non-tenants are using these shared areas because residents are giving other people the code, a commercial locksmith can easily change the code for you.

Overall, commercial locksmiths help property managers ensure tenant safety while also allowing them to gain access to units quickly when it's required through the use of master keys. If you're a property manager, it's important for you to develop a good working relationship with a commercial locksmith service in your area — you and your tenants rely on their services to keep your property secure.

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27 March 2020